At RCWS, we take pride in improving cleanliness and hygiene services in a wide range of environments, including offices, restaurants, hotels, schools and leisure facilities. Deep cleaning and providing a healthy environment is at the very heart of everything we do and every task we carry out.

Recently, at around 4.00pm on a Friday evening, we received a call from a concerned potential customer who, having found us at, needed urgent help with the deep cleaning of student accommodation which had to be ready for occupation the following Monday morning.

It seems that they had been let down by their main contractor, who hadn’t been able to fulfil the promises they made to our potential customer who, at that point, was facing the prospect of letting down a large number of their own customers who were ready to move in.

We organised a team of cleaners to work from 7.00pm that night and committed ourselves overnight and into the weekend to the deep cleaning of studio apartments, with combined bedroom, kitchen and living areas and single apartments where people share communal catering facilities.

On the Saturday morning following the telephone call from our concerned customer, we received a call from their main supplier asking us if we were interested in subcontracting the deep clean of the same student accommodation in time for occupation early the following week.

Having already commenced a programme of deep cleaning to studio apartments, single apartments and communal catering areas directly for the client, we declined the offer and just carried on working to keep the promise we had made to help our client get ready for their customers.

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