We all spend a large amount of our lives in the workplace and we believe that to Live Well you must Clean Well.

We maintain this principle for our clients using a process of cleaning designed to achieve the best possible standard of cleaning and hygiene for them during their working day as well as out of hours.

We Clean Well for them using Ultra Eco which is made with a combination of eco-safe ingredients which are readily biodegradable with one formulation cleaning almost any surface.

Use either a light, heavy or medium dilution of concentrated product spray Ultra Eco onto any surface and it goes to work immediately by reducing the surface tension of the water and breaking the bonds that hold the dirt onto the surface.

Once that bond has been broken, usually between 30 secs and 5 minutes, all that is required is a light scrub then the dirt can be simply wiped or rinsed away.

Our ingredients are specially selected for their eco-safe credentials so they can safely be rinsed off into drains or soil to break down and return back to nature.

Working in this way does help people to live well because the nature of the products and processes we use does not impact their personal well-being helping them to work more efficiently during their working day.

We provide clean hygienic environments at times when the risk of cross-contamination is at its highest level from washrooms to restrooms.

Our employees obviously like a clean place in which to eat and people who work in an environment which has been cleaned well will live well and ultimately work well.