As a business owner or manager, you need your office spaces to be as clean and hygienic as possible. Having a dirty workspace can not only decrease morale and make the area look untidy, but it can actually come with significant health risks. Although small cleaning tasks conducted by you or members of your staff can make it look clean on the surface, it won’t do an optimal job. You need to recruit professional office cleaning services to help you get back that shine and give your employees and their health a helping hand.

Here at RCWS, we provide deep cleaning services to offices, industrial spaces and other areas, as well as providing washroom products to help you keep on top of your own personal hygiene routine. We even provide Covid cleaning services to help keep everyone in your office or workspace safe, implementing effective weekly or daily office cleaning to suit your schedule. Think you need help from an office cleaning company? Read our latest article to discover the health benefits of getting your workspace cleaned.


Viruses and Bacteria

Viruses, germs and bacteria are in abundance in offices. With so many people amalgamating in one space, there’s bound to be a bug every now and again that spreads like wildfire. Although this is sometimes inevitable, the spread can be slowed down and contained with regular cleaning of surfaces. By having hand sanitiser on standby and anti-bacterial sprays available, you can clean as you go, keeping staff illness to a minimum.

Dust and allergens can cause havoc in your carpets too, and when kicked up, can cause issues for those with respiratory problems. By looking towards high-quality cleaning and decontamination services, you can keep your staff as safe as possible, especially during flu seasons. To find out more about our deep office cleaning services, please visit us here.



If you were to insinuate that an office space had mould, business owners would possibly become offended and go to prove there is none. However, some mould is not always visible, as it hides in places we don’t look at every day. Mould can be a serious concern and should not be ignored. Common symptoms that people experience when exposed to mould include nausea, headaches, skin irritation and dizziness.

If you notice an illness passing through your office, check for mould in corners of your building you don’t usually look at. An office cleaning service can provide a high quality clean to your entire office, providing a bespoke service suited to you. Our fantastic cleaners keep your health and safety a priority, eliminating viruses and bacteria as well as mould before it becomes a cause for concern.


Cleaning ‘High Traffic Areas’ Is Key

In offices, ‘high traffic areas’ are places in your offices that employees come into contact with the most. Surfaces such as door handles, desks and kitchen countertops need extra attention when it comes to cleaning, as bacteria are more than likely to spread there than anywhere else. Although a quick surface clean might seem like it does the trick, bacteria can still hang behind, leaving your staff susceptible to illness. 

By looking towards office cleaning services, you can invest in the safety of your employees and trust qualified local cleaners to carry out high-quality jobs. By using industry-standard equipment, we can ensure that your space is as hygienic and safe as possible, keeping staff illness to a minimum and keeping your office looking clean. To find out more, please fill out our online form here.