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Offering bespoke cleaning services that have been designed to work around you.

Daily Office Cleaning Services

Covering all different aspects of cleaning including daily office cleaning washroom deep cleaning Industrial cleaning and Coronavirus Fogging, our specialist team leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that the spaces you spend the most time in are safe hygienic and clean.

Daily Office Cleaning Services

As most people are working in an open plan office environment the key to providing a Clean Sanitised workplace where your staff are Protected is attention to detail. We make sure that your desktop and all touch surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, and all carpets are hoovered in accordance with a detailed specification of work.

Fogging and Disinfection Services

Deep cleaning and decontamination of every nook and cranny. Regular fogging with approved solutions will help prevent the cross infection of viruses including Coronavirus and can be used in offices hospitals schoolsā€™ homes restaurants holiday sites warehouses food processing plants dairy farms and many more.

Fogging and Disinfection

On completion of the fogging disinfection programme to your premises we will provide you with a signed certificate of application for your risk assessment files and health and safety records for future reference.

Window Cleaning Services

We use the reach and wash method, and our routines and work processes are all fully risk assessed so we can safely professionally and effectively clean your windows no matter how high they are or where they are situated.

Window Cleaning Services

100% pure water is sent through telescopic poles directly onto your windows giving you a clear/perfect finish. The poles can reach great heights and our water is fully mobile, meaning easy access to windows previously hard to get to.

Industrial and High-Level Cleaning Services

Our Industrial and High-Level Cleaning services are used in a variety of industries and include exterior building roof and gutter clearance as well as internal high and low-level cleaning of structure and machinery.

Industrial and High-Level Cleaning Services

Working alongside our health and safety advisors for clients in the Pharmaceutical, Food Production and Engineering sectors has given us an excellent understanding of working safely and effectively to an extremely high standard.

High Pressure Jetting

Using the latest high-pressure cleaning technology, we carry out regular periodical and one-off high-pressure cleaning and disinfection. We deep clean building entrances and walkways waste bin holding areas compactors and areas affected by pigeon guano. We also deep clean and disinfect washroom and toilet areas under low pressure for total and complete soil removal.

High Pressure Jetting

We operate ultra-high-pressure cleaning systems up to 45,000psi providing an intensified jet of pressured water with relatively small water volumes using All Purpose Sanitiser which is approved to EN14476 against enveloped viruses as defined in EN 14476:2013 and A2:2019 and is valid for all Corona ā€“ Viruses including 2019 n-CoV / SARS-Cov-2.

Sanitary Hygiene Services

We believe that all Sanitary Hygiene services must be provided with the upmost care and we only use the very latest modern and hygienic sanitary products to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Sanitary Hygiene

Our BioZone air purification units keep areas smelling fresh and clean by destroying the airborne microorganisms that create offensive odours and spread infections. BioZone helps reduce health risks and raises productivity through health and high hygiene standards.

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