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Pigeon guano can be unsightly and unhygienic, but there are plenty of professional cleaning services out there who can perform high-pressure cleaning that can clear up the mess efficiently. As well as cleaning and disinfecting washrooms and offices alike, we can utilise high-quality cleaning products and equipment when conducting industrial cleaning to keep everyone as safe as possible in the building.

Pigeon Droppings Are Unsightly And Can Be Harmful To Health

The mess left behind by pigeons is not only an eyesore, but also a health hazard. It contains high levels of ammonia which, when breathed in over time, can cause respiratory problems in people. Not to mention the damage it does to buildings, cars, and other property.

What Can You Do About Pigeon Droppings? 

We have all experienced the unpleasantness associated with bacteria and virus-infected pigeon droppings appearing on our cars, our windows and the streets we walk. We know that this filthy eyesore has to be removed safely and professionally. Our professional cleaning services can put effective cleaning plans in place to ensure you’re looked after, both aesthetic wise and health-wise.

What Do We Do?

Richards Cleaning And Washroom Services (RCWS) provides professional, reliable, and affordable services for all your cleaning requirements. Our cleaning team have undergone extensive professional training to ensure that they provide quality deep cleaning services at all times. As a dedicated cleaning company, we value our customers and always strive to go above and beyond their expectations. Whether you need daily office cleaning commercial or industrial cleaning, we can help! Please get in touch today!

How Can We Help You? 

Richard’s Cleaning And Washroom Services (RCWS) have been cleaning up after these birds for many years now with great success. We have developed products that are specifically designed to remove pigeons from your premises safely without harming you or your staff while doing so! These products will protect you from exposure to dangerous fumes whilst leaving no harmful residues on any surface they come into contact with! So, if you’ve got a problem with pigeons, give us a call today to discover more about our cleaning solutions on 0800 056 6669 www.rcws.co.uk

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