On average, most of us will spend more time at work than with our own families and loved ones. Therefore, we need to feel comfortable and safe in our workplaces, and this doesn’t just apply to company culture. Having a clean environment to effectively perform work duties can increase productivity and decrease sick days, protecting the health of everyone in the building. Although regular office cleaning services are recommended for all workplaces, there are ways in which you can promote cleanliness…

Here at RCWS, we provide professional cleaning services to offices and commercial spaces across the Northeast, as well as providing washroom supplies to keep all areas safe and healthy. A clean office can lead to greater productivity and better health, so by investing in high-quality cleaning products and deep cleaning, you can protect yourself, your staff, and guests.


Deploy Hand Sanitisers and Cleaning Products

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that keeping ourselves and others safe from harmful bacteria and viruses is paramount. By providing employees with their own bottle of hand sanitiser, you can help decrease the spread of germs and decrease sick days that can reduce the productivity of your business. Also, more businesses have opted for installing automatic sanitiser dispensers near doors to encourage better health and hygiene.

Not only can we provide commercial cleaning services using professional equipment, but we can also provide hand care and soap dispensers to washrooms in all types of facilities. Our cleaning teams are fully trained and ready to perform a wide range of bespoke cleaning tasks, providing you with highly important cleaning products to keep your premises safe.


Keeping Desks Tidy 

Most cleaning services will happily clean all rooms and surfaces that you require. However, it’s always encouraged that employees keep their desks neat and tidy themselves, not only to keep themselves organised, but to make all desks look uniform. Therefore, staff could be encouraged to keep their desks organised to make the space look cleaner, so they can ensure all notes and products on their desks are placed back where they belong.

As desks usually contain important electronic items, such as computers, it is often recommended that staff clean their own desks to avoid any potential damage. Our services include bespoke office cleaning services in any room and on any surface as directed by you, giving you a deep clean you can be proud of. To find out more about our services, please visit us here.


Implement a Regular Office Cleaning Schedule

As a busy business, a regimented cleaning schedule can be hard to follow. Therefore, it’s always worth investing in a professional cleaning company to conduct exemplary hygiene services that can keep you and your staff safe. By promoting a healthy environment, your staff will appreciate the effort, and possibly make personal changes, such as washing their cutlery and keeping their hands sanitised. A clean workspace promotes a healthy body and mind, which can provide an incentive for your staff that you may not even realise. 

Here at RCWS, we take pride in all cleaning jobs we carry out. Your health and safety are important to us and is a priority in everything we do. To find out more about how you can promote cleanliness in your workspace, or make an online booking, please fill out our online form here.