Daily cleaning takes place mainly at the end of a normal working day. When we turn up to do a first-class job providing cleaning and hygiene services for our clients throughout the region, some of our staff may already have had a very difficult, problem-filled day.

The problems which have been on people’s minds all day, when added to by the minor work-based  situations which would normally be easy to deal with, become one big problem for which there may seem to be no easy solution.

If there is no one for people to share these problems with, they become more stressed, anxious and uncertain about life and how to deal with these problems, as well as the inevitable resultant feeling of low mood stress anxiety and uncertainty.

For our part, we communicate with and listen carefully to people and support our staff with ongoing training wherever and whenever we can. However, as important as this may be, it is simply not enough because we cannot be there when people may need us the most.

A number of months ago, we introduced our employee assistance programme (EAP) to help support all of our employees, including those who could possibly be suffering from low wellbeing by providing support at a time when it may be needed the most. 

Our assistance programme offers emotional, financial, and legal support for our staff 24 /7, 365 days of the year with online telephone and face to face counselling. In addition, the ‘My Healthy Advantage’ app contains personalised well being content, health coaching, and analytics. 

Our hope is that if and when people need somebody to talk to, this service may just be the one thing that helps them to reach out for help. We not only aim to provide exemplary hygiene services, but internal support too.