Whether you own a restaurant, hotel or other public space, how clean your toilets are can have a huge impact. Unsanitary washrooms can leave a bad impression on some people, which can hinder your business and leave you with a bad, messy reputation. It’s not just the surfaces that need to be spotless; keeping your washroom stocked up with the correct facilities and washroom supplies can create a more professional space to keep the public happy, and avoid any nasty surprises…

Here at RCWS, we provide exemplary washroom services in Newcastle, Sunderland and the rest of the North East. Washroom hygiene is paramount in everything we do, providing not only deep cleans to your spaces, but consumables and hygiene services too. There’s nothing worse than noticing that the washroom you’re in is missing hand soap or a sanitary bin. So why would you let it happen to your space? If you don’t want to be caught out, here are some essential washroom supplies that every business needs.


Hand Wash and Soaps

It’s a mantra that’s been drilled into us as children; when you’ve been to the toilet, you need to make sure that you wash your hands! Soap and warm water are essential in ridding your hands of harmful bacteria and germs that can linger, and are needed in every single bathroom in the world. When washrooms run out of soap, it can be incredibly uncomfortable walking out of a public washroom without washing your hands. If you’re all stocked up, there’s no need to worry!

Hand soap dispensers, both sensor-activated and manual, are incredibly important for maintaining public hygiene and keeping people safe. Here at RCWS, we can provide a wide range of soap dispensers and hand gels perfect for keeping hands soft and clean. All sanitisers are made from natural ingredients, keeping your skin as safe as possible.


Hand Dryers

Once you’ve washed your hands, you’re going to need a place to dry them off. Typical disposable paper towels create a lot of waste and aren’t the most sanitary options. Hand dryers are a staple in most public washrooms, and automatic choices are the very best for keeping you and those around you safe from germs and bacteria.

Our wall-mounted BlueDry systems all come with a two-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that your guests won’t be without a quick blow dry should anything happen to them. The high-speed vacuum can save you around 90% on electricity bills, providing you with a cost-effective, more sanitary drying option. Our hand dryers are available in a range of different colours perfectly suited to your decor, which can find out more about here.


Sanitary Bins

If you have gender-neutral toilets, it’s not uncommon for certain washrooms to completely forget about sanitary bins. They’re essential in all washrooms in order to accommodate women and keep bathrooms clean and tidy. It can also save women from flushing their products down the toilet, which can clog up pipes and have costly consequences.

Not only do you need to provide sanitary bins, but you also need to make sure they’re removed and replaced often. When one begins to overflow, it’s incredibly unhygienic and can turn lots of customers and visitors away. Make sure you get them replaced on a schedule and invest in sanitary waste disposal to avoid these mishaps. We stock a range of products and washroom supplies here at RCWS, with consumables perfect for your bathroom and toilet’s needs.


What is Biozone?

As previously mentioned, it’s common courtesy for anyone who’s been in a public bathroom to wash their hands. Unfortunately, there are still some people who will leave the washroom without tending to their hands, leaving themselves and those around them susceptible to harmful bacteria. Biozone air purification keeps the surroundings of the washroom and other enclosed areas clean, promoting hygiene and safety.

Here at RCWS, we provide Biozone units to commercial spaces across the North East, promoting air purification and keeping compliant with hygiene standards. The next time you inspect your washroom, make a checklist of all the products you’ll need to make your space as safe as possible, and don’t leave any room for bacteria to spread and grow. To find out more about our washroom supplies, or to claim your FREE Biozone purification and hygiene demonstration, please give us a call on 0191 2866868. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here.