Washroom Services

Keeping your washrooms clean, sanitary and smelling fresh

Your washroom facilities can be used by staff and visitors alike and of course they need to be kept smelling fresh and clean.

This is achieved in some cases by regular washroom cleaning throughout the day and or periodic deep cleaning throughout the year.

In all instances however we achieve the standards required for your staff and visitors alike by creating the correct specification and by using and taking what we call the ecological and biological route. The products we use to clean work hard for you long after our cleaners have gone.

Sanitary Hygiene services must be provided with the upmost care and we only use the very latest modern and hygienic-sanitary bin products to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Biozone air purification systems for controlling odours and infections in enclosed spaces and we have an excellent range of products in various sizes and strengths to suit your needs.

A stylish and functional range of Hand Care dispensers with none drip and none clog valves for the provision of advanced hand cleansers barrier creams, moisturisers and pleasant to use soaps, suitable for all washrooms.

Blue Dry hand drying range and hand and face drying range, available in stainless steel or white and chrome finishes and come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our range of automatic air fresheners designed to work for between 30 to 60 days depending on the amount of times you want your fragrance dispensed in to the washroom environment and our extensive range of fragrances provides you with a fresh clean smelling environment for your staff and visitors alike.

To prevent the build-up of hidden embedded germs and bacteria a specialist deep washroom cleaning service is required to fully ensure you are providing a hygienic washroom environment for your visitors.

About Us

From office and commercial cleaning through to washroom hygiene services, we specialise in providing an outstanding standard of service that promotes quality, meticulous attention to detail and most importantly, achieves immaculate results.

Armed with over 25 years of industry experience and based at Kingston Park in the heart of the North East, we are proud to have earned a reputation as leaders in our field when it comes to delivering the highest standard of customer service.

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