When you own a commercial business, window cleaning is probably the least of your priorities. However, having unclean windows can negatively impact your business in more ways than one, both for the people inside your property and your reputation as a company. Regular, professional window cleaning can give your windows that much needed shine, and can even help with heat retention and glass damage.

Here at Richard’s Cleaning and Washroom Services (RCWS), we provide scheduled, regular cleaning of your premises, such as offices and other commercial spaces. All of our specialist cleaning services are carried out to a high standard, with high-quality cleaning products used to treat your surfaces with care and attention, as well as providing a thorough, deep clean. Think your windows aren’t all that important? Think again.


Clean Windows Make a Difference for your Business

Over time, windows can collect dust and debris that can change their colour and make them look highly unpleasant. You don’t want potential clients and customers to get a bad impression of your business simply because your windows are unclean, so it is highly recommended that you keep up with a regular cleaning schedule to keep your windows gleaming. If you wish to assert a professional, reliable image to your customers, keeping your windows clean is just as important as keeping your interiors spotless.

For anyone working in an office with dirty windows, it can be a depressing affair. The dust and grime can prevent natural light from entering your building, and it can be incredibly hard to look out into the world. This can even lower employee morale, which can harm your business. In order to prevent a harmful build-up of debris, there are local cleaning services on hand to assist. We operate professional commercial cleaning services across the Northeast, scheduled around you and your needs. Your premises will be cleaned professionally and in a bespoke manner, giving you a deep clean to be proud of.


Prevent Damage to your Glass

Natural causes such as hard or acid rain can corrode your windows, leaving them susceptible to dust and debris entering their pores. Over time, without treatment, the window will need to be replaced, which can be quite costly. To avoid making unnecessary payments, regular cleaning should be carried out to increase the windows’ durability, and if you have a large number of windows to take care of, having your windows cleaned will be much more cost-effective than having them all replaced!

Here at RCWS, we use 100% pure water to clean your windows, sent through telescopic poles to give you a clear, precise finish. We have processes and risk assessments in place to ensure that, no matter where or how high up your windows are, we will always work to provide the best clean possible. To find out more about our professional window cleaning services, please visit us here.


Keeping Your Property Warm!

In the UK, the one factor no one envies us for is our extremely cold weather! As well as heating systems and carpets to keep our properties warm, windows play an important part in retaining heat and preventing the cold from entering. When dirt and grime build-up, it can stop the sun’s UV rays from entering your property, blocking the extra heat. By regularly cleaning your windows, you can help free up some space for the sun to enter; your employees and clients alike, as well as your energy bills, will thank you for it.

If you’re looking for peace of mind when it comes to your windows, our expert cleaning services are here to provide exceptional service at an affordable price. As well as tending to your windows, we can provide bespoke, daily cleans of your commercial space or washroom to help keep you, your staff and your customers safe. To find out more, or to receive a quote, please give us a call on 0191 286 6868. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here.