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Keeping your Washroom Fresh with Trusted Cleaning Services

Your nose can detect over 1 trillion smells. It knows if somewhere is clean before any other sense.

We have heard horror stories about cleaning companies that have taken their customers for granted. Our policy is that the customer must come first, and keeping your business fresh is our mission.

Our range of automatic air fresheners work for between 30 to 60 days. This depends on the number of times you want your fragrance dispensed into the washroom environment. Our extensive range of fragrances provides you with a fresh clean smelling environment for your staff and visitors alike.

100% satisfaction is guaranteed with our air fresheners, as they come highly recommended by our teams and clients.

Kill smells and germs before they land on surfaces

Biozone takes in polluted air and uses patented technology to clean and sanitise the air. This is before expelling fresh-smelling air with charged particles that settle on surfaces to kill germs.

Local cleaners going the extra mile

Our specialist teams face any cleaning task and are committed to a great job. With our special offers, RCWS professional cleaners have the ability to give you peace of mind. This fills us with pride, as our cleaning products are maintained by fully trained individuals. 

If you have inquiries about our air purifying systems, then please contact us. We aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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