Industrial & High-Level Cleaning

Professional, industrial cleaning by local experts

Our High-Level Cleaning Services include:

  • Factory floor, internal walls, ceilings, lights, and ducting
  • Exterior cladding of buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouse & process cleaning including, floor preparation & pressure washing
  • Removing dust build-up of fat and grease residues
  • Shopping Centres


RCWS carries out regular high-level cleaning in shopping centres and industrial facilities. Now more than ever, it is vital to help maintain a high standard of hygiene within your premises. You want to make the right impression, so why not join one of the top industrial cleaning companies in the Newcastle area?

Professional industrial cleaning services are essential to any business. We provide eco-friendly, deep cleaning to a range of industrial spaces. You can contact our helpful customer services who can provide details on our various cleaning and scheduling options.

Our industrial cleaners have a wide range of cleaning products for warehouse and factory premises. These cleaning operatives are on a mission; to have confidence in our standard of cleaning. This will let you focus on your daily work and facility management.  

In food manufacturing facilities, we help in the reduction of risk from costly product losses or the possible spread of infection. RCWS will provide removal services for grease and fat build-up in factory equipment. Also, for warehouses, our expertise in commercial cleaning services will give floor preparation and pressure washing to maintain safety.

Trained and experienced operatives for all industries

Our industrial and high-level cleaning services are used in a variety of industries. These services include exterior building and roof cleaning, gutter clearance, and internal high and low-level cleaning of structure and machinery. 

Our operatives are fully trained with our cleaning equipment and agents to ensure safety for our clientele. Our cleaners have a flexible approach to accommodate your operations and employees in their business. 

Working alongside our health and safety advisors for clients in the pharmaceutical, food production and engineering sectors. This has given us an excellent understanding of working safely, effectively and to a high standard for our clients.

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