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Professional, compliant office cleaning by local experts

Richard’s Cleaning & Washroom Services have been designed to work around you; we are dedicated to providing the perfect cleaning solutions. This is something which has become even more important with the ever-changing needs brought about by the pandemic.

We offer many different cleaning and washroom services, including daily office cleaning, washroom deep cleaning, industrial cleaning and Germ Fogging. These are carried out by our specialist teams, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring hygienic and clean spaces. With our expertise, your commercial premises will be a pristine and inviting workspace for your employee’s productivity. 

Additionally, our daily office cleaning services have flexible cleaning schedules and rotas which can be negotiated and planned around your preferences. If you need to change your cleaning schedule, then contact us and we will endeavor to reply as soon as possible.   


Sanitised, healthy commercial offices for your staff

The majority of people work in open-plan offices, and the key to maintaining sanitised workplaces for staff is attention to detail. We make sure that your desktop and touch surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and carpets are hoovered within detailed specifications of work. We will ensure your employees and any visitors enter an impressively clean environment.  

All office premises have a washroom which is given our equal attention to detail and deep clean to ensure your safety. Further cleaning is being performed by our office cleaners to help maintain hygiene during the pandemic. 

This leaves your team with the confidence that their working environment is clean, safe and hygienic for their use. Our vigorous cleaning will show your employees that you are working hard to fight the pandemic and safeguard their personal wellbeing.

Customer service to help office cleaning become hassle-free

Providing quality customer service is fundamental to our cleaning company mission. Our dedicated sales team can inform you of our wide range of commercial cleaning service options for your convenience. For enquiries, our sales team have a tailored approach to serving your commercial cleaning needs, providing expert knowledge on cleaning solutions.   

The office cleaning and washroom staff are friendly and helpful if you require further assistance with the cleaning products. They have a wide knowledge of the maintenance programs and control processes to put your mind at ease. Our office cleaning staff always follow the latest government guidelines for the health and safety of our cleaners and clients.

Our cleaning professionals have acquired skills and experiences around the North East in tackling cleaning projects of all sizes. Please complete the enclosed contact form and we will get right back to you.

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