A 42% reduction in work place absenteeism is now a reality for an Airsteril Client

13th April 2019

In a controlled situation AIRsteril units were installed in key areas of their building initial swab testing carried out and sickness absenteeism monitored.

Trends in reported sickness showed a significant reduction in asthma related sickness and a downward trend for the same period in cold cough influenza and chest and respiratory problems generally.

The estimated saving in reduced absenteeism for this client for the period covered was £213,704. These savings are of course relevant to the size of their organisation, so the sums of money saved will be different for each individual business.

What is however the same for all organisations is the fact that your businesses definitely run’s smoother with reduced levels of absenteeism.

If you were to reduce your own absenteeism through sickness by up to 42% how much money would you save? How many of your staff wouldn’t have to take on additional heavy and stressful workloads to meet your deadlines?

How much money would you save in payroll costs by not paying out overtime SSP and additional national insurance charges?

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